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What Happens If You Don't Deworm Your Puppy

Fisheries Agreement EU / Morocco: Eels rock in Western Sahara

Morocco Fisheries Agreement / EU: Eels rock in Western Sahara

one hand, African countries lacked fish ( Cameroon is developing strategies to increase fish production ) organizations fishermen and NGOs condemn the looting of the African coast by foreign arms, Asia and Europe, through fisheries agreement or not ( Will Africa feed Europe: the (over) fishing in EU Africa).

the other hand, Morocco, the largest fishing nations in Africa (with Africa South) would continue to sell part of its fish resources in the European arms. "Since March 2007, the EU pays € 36 million per year fishing rights in Morocco to allow about 119 European vessels, mostly English and Portuguese fishing in its waters. Among the vessels concerned are also a dozen French tuna. " ( Fishing: Brussels proposes to extend its fishing agreement with Morocco )

That small island countries lacking the capacity to run their own exclusive economic zone (EEZ), are signatories Fisheries Agreement and provide catch quotas to large foreign fishing powers, is still conceivable.

But as Morocco, this great country that derives much of its income from fishing and in particular the export of processed products, is also eager to give a part of its fish resources in the arms of English fishing does not hold water economically ... (1).

Moreover, the fishing agreement between Morocco / EU is beneficial for the European arms industry to the detriment of the Moroccan fisheries sector, including artisanal ( INFOSAMAK (2)). Indeed, foreign arms short of meeting the obligations associated with fishing licenses regarding landings in local ports, the annual technical inspection, transmitting lists of seamen and copies of contracts Moroccan seamen, the input signal and output zone, and the declaration of catches as evidenced by the Minutes of the fifth joint commission of the partnership agreement in the fisheries sector between the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Community - Rabat, 2-3 February 2010 , click here .

For the Kingdom of Morocco wants to sell out as fast as fishery resources, there is indeed something fishy in the rich fishing grounds and coveted between Western Sahara and the Canary: "The international legality of the fishing agreement between Morocco and the European Union" (3).

One-year extension of the fisheries agreement between the EU and Morocco

On 21 February 2011 the Agriculture and Fisheries Council adopted by qualified majority, Germany and Finland s refraining, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom voted against a decision authorizing the Commission to open negotiations on behalf of the European Union for Renewal the Protocol to the Partnership Agreement on Fisheries with the Kingdom of Morocco ... .

The warrant authorizes the Commission to negotiate a one-year extension of the current protocol, two conditions, namely an adaptation of fishing opportunities based on the best available scientific advice and regular reporting on implementation of sectoral policies, including the regional implications of the Protocol. Source: Council of Agriculture and Fisheries - Brussels, 21 February 2011 under the chairmanship of Sándor FAZEKAS, Hungarian Minister of Rural Development

A Win-Win Agreement between the Kingdom of Morocco and the English arms

Agreement lose-lose for artisanal fishermen and Moroccan Sahrawi

The Partnership Agreement on Fisheries between the EU and the Kingdom of Morocco expired February 27, 2011, was extended for one year (for a further period of four years by the Moroccan Minister of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries, Aziz Akhannouch).

For the Minister of Morocco "the renewal of the partnership agreement was made without any changes, saying this clearly proves that the partnership with the EU is on track. " Source: The financial support of the EU will help develop the fishing industry (aufaitmaroc)

Indeed, the English arms will continue to blithely take their trains of nets and other train lines that now 'they have the green light to ride without barrier on the waters off the coast of Morocco and Western Sahara ...

In 2008, Spain made no secret that the fishing agreement was "extremely attractive" for English arms. "The English Minister of Fisheries said that English vessels fishing in Moroccan waters are favored by a fisheries agreement extremely advantageous. "Currently, the English ships enjoy privileges that are not Moroccan vessels" in Moroccan waters, "she said. "The Moroccan vessels are not allowed to fish with lights, unlike Spain, which is authorized to do so." English vessels now unload their catches in the English ports, so that by law, they should do in Moroccan ports. Source: Agritrade / CTA

Philippe Favrelière (modified March 1, 2011)

(1) Morocco receives an annual contribution of 36.1 million euros European Union under the fisheries agreement. But for how much captured by the 119 European boats allowed? The Partnership Agreement in the field of fisheries concluded between the European Community and Morocco for the period from 28 February 2007 to 27 February 2011, remains rather vague on the quantities allowed in particular the allowable catch for the English fleet numbering 100 vessels. By cons, Morocco exported to the EU in 2009 for 777 million euros of fishery products (most products made with added value and source of local jobs).

(2) Morocco-EU fishing agreement: The fishing agreement between Morocco and the European Union which expires February 27, 2011 could be extended. The European Commission, speaking through its Director General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ms. Lowri Evans expressed support for the extension of the agreement initialed July 29, 2005. Ms Lowri Evans before the European Parliament, acknowledged the efforts made by Morocco in its development policy in the fisheries sector in particular through its fisheries programs. A partnership agreement beyond the two partners, benefits to many countries of the EU. A possible extension of this agreement will certainly benefit the Kingdom, but it will also mean a boon for European owners. This extension will enable them to avoid heavy losses. Worse, "the non-renewal will result in the loss of hundreds of licenses for English vessels" indicated Lowri Evans. The partnership agreement current has allowed European vessels to take advantage of 119 fishing permits of which 100 are allocated to English vessels - it shows the importance of this agreement for English fishermen. In return, the EU spends more than 360 000 dhs on behalf of the Moroccan fisheries sector.

(3) "the legal department of the European Parliament said in February 2010 in a legal opinion that EU vessels fishing in the territorial waters of Western Sahara was a violation of international law".

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European Parliament : Parliamentary question unanswered by the Commission?

question for written reply to the Commission Fiorello Provera (EFD) and Charles Tannock (RCT), dated December 20, 2010

Subject: Agreement in the EU-Morocco fisheries

According to the legal department of the European Parliament, the EU-Morocco in the field of fisheries allowing European vessels to fish in waters off Western Sahara violates international law. This review has been a debate in the Committee on Fisheries of the European Parliament in February 2010.

what extent the Commission agrees, and she accepts she said that legal opinion? To what extent will it meet that legal advice when negotiating extensions to the EU-Morocco fisheries? To what extent should the fact that they allow European vessels to fish in waters off Western Sahara night in efforts to resolve the longstanding dispute between Morocco and the Frente Polisario? To what extent the Commission's action in this regard undermines the pretensions of the EU to be an honest broker in this conflict? What consultations she conducted over the past two recent years with the Frente Polisario, the Sahrawi organizations and NGOs on the EU-Morocco in the field of fisheries? Source: European Parliament


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